4711 N. Brady Street - Davenport, IA 52806
Quad Cities (563) 345-6250 or Toll Free (888) 717-9940

LifeStyles Furniture is currently a family owned business in a joint corporation comprised of Brian, Vicki and Ken. Two of the partners (Vicki and Ken) have decided to retire. Vicki so she can spend more time with her family and new grandson. Ken so he can devote more time to his production business. So the store is currently going through a Retirement Liquidation Sale.

All inventory in the showroom and warehouse is being sold. Nothing is being held back. The corporation will continue its LifeStyles Furniture operation while working to honor all existing customer orders with its vendors just as it has always done for more than three decades. However, it is necessary for us to suspend new and special orders for the time being. This is so the owners have sufficient time to reorganize, revitalize, and for the store, LifeStyles Furniture to reopen under Brian's sole ownership. Continued support of long time customers, as well as friends of the store over the years, is greatly appreciated as we transition through this liquidation process.

This is a true liquidation as the corporation, Triunity Interests Corporation, is dissolved and Brian's new corporation emerges. In terms of the store's future, Brian wants to reopen as LifeStyles Furniture, a name well trusted and recognized; retaining a number of high-profile trusted brands but also introducing several new and exciting lines that are sure to offer a great mix of home furnishings and decor in the Quad Cities. Plans are to reopen with a smaller LifeStyles Furniture showroom footprint sometime in early 2020 Your patience and understanding is appreciated as the remaining store assets are liquidated and plans for the reopening are solidified.