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Metal Finishes

Amisco Metal Finish Colors. Safe lead-free non-toxic powder coat finish over North American cold rolled steel.

Smooth transparent glossy grey
Textured flat black
Textured gold color
Smooth glossy black
** Semi-transparent gun metal
*Semi-transparent brown
Grey with Shiny Specks
Brushed nickel color
Smooth flat dark grey
Textured reddish brown
Smooth glossy white
Grey with texture
Brown with texture
Weathered textured dark brown

*Oxidado: Please note this is a semi-transparent finish which will allow the welds and seams to show through the finish. This provides a more industrial look and makes each piece unique.

** Harley: Please note that this special finish has a semi-transparent finish giving it an industrial look. Note that finishing textures such as welds, buffer and rust marks will be visible through the finish making each piece unique.