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Ultrasuede Ambiance

Ultrasuede Ambiance Collection:
Designed and engineered by Ultrasuede in co-operation with Elite Furniture for use with Elite products. Ultrasuede is a leader in creating today's most durable and sought after upholstery options. Ideal for heavy traffic enviornments. Making it a superior choice as upholstery for the home. Easy to care for and resistant to spills, cracking, pilling and shrinking and features excellent colorfastness. Soft smooth plush suede hand is pleasing to the touch and is considered the most advanced ultra-microfiber in the market today. Visit LifeStyles Furniture to experience Ultrasuede for yourself.

80% Polyester ultra-microfiber, non-woven with 20% non-fibrous polyurethane binder

Cleaning Code:
Spot clean. Ultrasuede suggest gently patting spills using a paper towel until the spill is absorbed. If the soiling is dried-in, Ultrasuede suggests lightly brushing the fabric or vacuum the stained area. For persistant spills try wiping the area with a well-wrung white cloth dampened in lukewarm water.

Exceeds 200,000 double rubs