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Bedford Recliner by Omnia Leather (Chaise Footrest)
Width 40 in. x Depth 40 in. x Height 42 in.
(Seat Height 20 in.)

Bedford Recliner by Omnia Leather (Chaise Footrest)

Sale Price: $2,000.00
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MPN Number::Bedford 52114
Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer: Omnia Furniture

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Dimensions: Width 40 in. x Height 40 in. x Depth 42 in. x Seat Height 20" x Seat Depth 21"

Specifications & Dimensions:
Omnia Furniture is available in a variety of configurations and furniture components. Choose from matching sofas, loveseats and chairs in many collections. Also available are sectionals with a variety of sectional components to create your own unique configuration. For available pieces for this style follow this link for Bedford Specifications & Dimensions.
Manual, Power and Battery Options:
Omnia motion furniture is designed with several reclining options based on your individual needs.

Manual mechanisms come standard on every motion piece and are easily operated by a small concealed pull lever along the side of the seat cushion. Once activated the mechanism unlocks the footrest which will open and raise up. Leaning back on the backrest will move it into a reclined position. To close this type of mechanism one simply needs to sit forward and using the back of their legs will push the footrest back into the unit until it locks back in.

Power mechanisms are available optionally on any Omnia motion piece. Omnia uses a touch button control with USB port located on the inside front arm for easy access. When opening the piece the footrest will come up first while the back of the furniture remains upright for those only wanting just the footrest. To recline the backrest simply continue to push the button once the footrest is up and the backrest will begin to recline back as well. In addition the handy USB port is perfect for those with i-devices or tablets needing a convenient place to plug-in. For those with diminishing leg strength the power option is the preferred mechanism of choice. Furniture selected with this power option will require a nearby outlet or power source to be plugged into.

Battery options are also available for units with selected power mechanisms. These allow a unit to run off the battery and gives individuals the freedom to place furniture away from power outlets. Battery charge allows for up to 225 cycles. A low-battery audible alarm will chime when the battery is ready to be charged or charge every 3 months. LED indicator on the outside of the battery shows charge status. Battery fully charges up within 6-8 hours.

Center seat recliner is available optionally on models with three seats or more. Options include a manual version that features a concealed handle below the seat fitted with a reinforced matching upholstery pull that can be hidden between the seats. A power version is also available which features concealed touch buttons on the side of the cushion. Center seats are normally stationary on reclining models with three seats or more but most can be selected reclining options.

Mechanism Features:
Using the proven Leggett & Platt USA made steel-to-the-floor frame each seat has been tested at 360 lbs. total weight capacity using patent-pending technology. Designed as close-to-wall to accommodate any room configuration. Easy to operate by the entire household. This latest mechanism has more layout in full-recline than previous models.

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