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Why Choose Amisco Furniture?

Why Choose Amisco Furniture?Why Choose Amisco Furniture?
Written for LifeStyles Furniture by Phil Pendleton
October 21, 2013

Few brands of steel furniture have had such a positive lasting impact and reputation so enjoyed by Amisco Furniture. Made in L'Islet Quebec Canada, Amisco products use French European design and craftsmanship and then combine those qualities with superior North American materials and labor to create products that simply last. Amisco got its start back in 1954 as School Furniture Ltd. manufacturing steel desks, tables and chairs for educational facilities. After a period of twenty years the company soon realized they were making the furniture so durable for their toughest of consumers on furniture... children, that there wasn't much of a market for repeat business.

In 1978 the company decided to expand into home furnishings taking with them their skills in superior steel design and craftsmanship. Specializing in tubular steel products the company would create new furniture designs such as beds, chairs, stools, tables and home office furniture. These designs would carry the company into a new direction. In 1994, Amisco decided it was time to focus entirely on home furnishings and retired their school furniture production so that more time could be spent developing new lines of residential furniture.

Because of their history making school furniture, Amisco has a unique understanding of safety and durability when it comes to making furniture. Amisco uses only safe lead-free powder coatings for their steel products which are safe for the whole family. Amisco understands a variety of individuals use their products and want to ensure each piece can withstand daily use so each unit is engineered for a maximum weight. Chairs and Stools up to 300 lbs. Twin beds up to 300 lbs. and Full, Queen and King beds up to 600 lbs. Amisco is so confident in its products that a 10 year warranty is offered on all Amisco furniture.

The image to the above left shows numbered features that represent different options for Amisco brand products. Below each of these options is explained in more detail to better illustrate Amisco product features and the benefits of owning Amisco furniture in your home.

1. North American cold rolled steel
Amisco MetalsThis high quality steel sourced from North America provides a greater strength and durability to Amisco furniture. Amisco products are made using this steel and then go through a powder coating finish process that applies the color of your choice to the steel. Each frame is manufactured to order to ensure a uniform color. The majority of powder coat finishes are solid coat finishes with the exception of a finish referred to as Oxidado. Oxidado is a unique semitransparent finish that provides a more industrial look to your furniture. All finishes are lead-free, safe and nontoxic.
2. Upholstery options
Amisco FabricsAmisco offers a variety of upholstery options for chairs, stools and headboards. These range from regular fabrics to smoother PVC's. Amisco does not charge different fees for different fabrics so when you select your Amisco furniture you may choose whichever Amisco covering you want at no additional charge. Amisco fabrics do not use any chemical fabric protectors over the upholstery. Some simply don't require this as they are easily wiped clean such as PVC's, nylon and bonded leathers. For the remaining fabrics the manufacturer suggests that if a customer would like to add a fabric protection they may do so by purchasing a spray application of their choice sold in most home stores. Because this furniture lasts so long, often times we have customers who own Amisco furniture and have simply worn out the fabric from more than a decade of use. Replacement seat cushions can be ordered for Amisco chairs and stools which will further extend the life of your furniture.
3. Wood finishes
Amisco WoodsTable tops, chair and stool backrests as well as several other Amisco products are available with wood finish options. Amisco products are offered in various solid wood or real wood birch veneer or walnut veneer depending on the specific product. Amisco offers a variety of finishes for these wood products. Some products are also available unfinished for customers who want to have the wood parts finished themselves.

LifeStyles Furniture has been offering Amisco brand products for more than 15 years. Our experience with this brand is that it is well made, well packaged and meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers. Amisco's history with creating furniture that's made to last is what all of us are looking for when shopping for new furniture. We want furniture that will last. Our store is pleased to be offering such well engineered, well designed steel furniture. There are many brands out there that you can't always be sure about what you're getting for your investment. Fortunately Amisco is not one of those companies as you know up front that it's quality North American materials you're getting and skilled Canadian craftsmanship making each piece. Stylish steel furniture made to last and made just for you, that's Amisco Furniture.