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Why choose a Stressless Recliner?

Why buy a Stressless recliner? Why Choose a Stressless Recliner? Written for LifeStyles Furniture by Phil Pendleton -
Updated: March 27th, 2018

Perhaps you've been searching for a comfortable recliner or perhaps are considering replacing one currently in your home. There are many brands to choose from throughout the furniture industry today. There is only one that manufacturers seem to take notice of when they try, but come up short in emulating form, function and design. The name of that recliner is Stressless.

Stressless recliners are a true vision in comfort. Inspired by J.E. Ekornes, a Norwegian furniture designer whose company Ekornes was founded in 1934. Ekornes designed, created and patented this unique and innovative European recliner. The Stressless recliner has been around since the 1970's and back then only a handful of Americans were lucky enough to own one of these recliners back then as this furniture was exclusive to homes in Europe. The Stressless recliner has continually been improved with new innovations to make resting and relaxing even more comfortable.

The growing popularity of the Stressless recliner allowed for Ekornes to expand into other countries throughout the world including the United States whose furniture consumers were ready for a well engineered recliner that offered superior neck and lumbar support. So impressive was this design that health care professionals such as the American Chiropractic Association proudly endorse this recliner for use by their patients.

In the image to the left you'll notice numbered points on a cutaway of a Stressless recliner showing all of the inner workings of the recliner. Below we'll discuss each one of these and provide reasons why you should choose a Stressless recliner for your home.

1.) Perforated Molded Foam Core

2.) Space Age Foam

Molded directly over the steel frame is a perforated foam applied through an injection molding process. This foam is cold cured over the steel frame which provides protection to all of the inner steel components and creates what Ekornes calls a Comfort Zone using the indentations in the molding process to work with the upper pad and fiber layers for greater enhanced personal comfort. With the development of space technologies within the last several decades, new innovations in foams and plastics have resulted allowing for higher density responsive materials to be made available. Stressless recliners use an additional pad of soft space age foam applied over the molded cold cured base foam.

3.) Super Soft Polyester Fiber

4.) Steel Frame & Flexo Springs

While having space age foam and a cold cured injection foam core provide ample support and higher density materials to an already comfortable design, Ekornes decided that individuals using a Stressless recliner would greatly benefit from additional comfort layers. That's why a super soft polyester fiber layer is also used to provide more cushioning for your body and to ensure the recliner keeps an attractive look. Ekornes uses the highest quality European steel in its Stressless recliners. The durable steel frame offers superior resilience to wear and provides continuous support. Flexo springs are used throughout the seat and back frame providing greater support and comfort.

5.) The Plus System

6.) Genuine Top-Grain Leather

This patented innovation by Ekornes is a double-sided mechanism engineered to support your lower back and neck by moving with you. A lumbar support curves out to meet your lower back and relaxes as you recline back. The headrest of the chairs tilts forward to keep you eye level with reading a book or watching TV.Ekornes is one of the largest leather furniture manufacturers located in Europe. Ekornes has their own leather inspectors who choose select hides from the finest tanneries in the world. Ekornes offers a variety of leather grades each with a unique collection of color finishes.

7.) Glide Wheel

8.) Two Stem Base

Sporting the signature logo of Stressless the glide wheel is located on both sides of the Stressless chair. These wheels can be turned to a loose or tight state which will adjust the tension of the recline of your Stressless recliner. The unique laminated two stem wood base is one of the signature designs of a Stressless recliner. Not only is the base beautiful it also adds greater stability to the chair.

9.) Swivel Base - 360 Degrees

Stressless recliners are designed with a swivel base allowing for 360 degree swivel movement. Stressless recliners are available with many different wood base finish options. Allowing you to choose the finish that best matches your decor.

LifeStyles Furniture has been an authorized dealer of Ekornes Stressless recliners for more than 20 years. We've taken note of many improvements to the Stressless design over that period of time which serve to make our customers even more comfortable while relaxing in these recliners. New innovations included the Plus System that allows the headrest of the chair to tilt forward when watching TV or reading a book and a newer built in feature that allows the headrest to be pulled forward, unlocking it into a flatter sleep position. Stressless ottomans that are used with these recliners have been redesigned with a tilt feature built in. You can lock the ottoman into this tilt position or lock it into a flat position as well. These are just a few of the continuing design improvements made by Ekornes to the Stressless recliner. Our store is always pleased to offer products by manufacturers who continue to improve and expand upon their furniture designs. Visit our store to experience Stressless furniture for yourself.